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Name our rooms! (There's a prize in it for you)

Updated: Mar 2

For the next season we will be renaming our rooms, and we would like your help!

We have 7 slots to fill.

We would like room names that would fill at least one of the following criteria:

- Celebration of what makes our local area amazing

- Celebration of Wales and what it means to be Welsh

- Celebration of the nature and landscape of mid-Wales and Southern Eryri

- Celebration of the history of our local area

In order for the room names to fit on key fobs, door labels and online travel agency fields. We'd like names that are:

- One word

- No more than 9 letters long

Please submit your ideas along with a little description of why you picked it.

We'll narrow them down to a shortlist, then draw out of a hat.

Winners will receive a branded Yr Hen Ficerdy reusable water flask!

Answers on a proverbial postcard to

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