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The Gift Shop is LIVE!

Well, you set me quite the task with this one. Thanks for your ideas (one was even on a literal postcard). The most requested was how do we package up a stay at the Vic in the form of a voucher.

I've spent a few weeks trotting about the countryside speaking to local businesses and charities, consuming copious paned (cups of tea) and biscuits, building on your gift shop idea. The first version of The Gift Shop is going to include largely 2 night stays with an activity attached. This way it's not just a gift of a stay away (heck anyone can do that - I seem incapable of making it easy for myself) but a way to offer a loved one a way to really connect with our local area, and most importantly, our community. I've tried to think of the broadest spectrum of activity ideas to ensure we have something for everyone.

I bundled it together as an online store, complete with secure payment check-out. The e-voucher will then get emailed to you as a pdf (I've designed them in a way you can print at home or email to gift to someone). You'll also receive a separate secure 'passcode'. Both must be given to the recipient to use when they come to redeem.

The vouchers that are going live now will be valid for all of 2023, there'll be a new voucher launched everyday for the next fortnight. The recipient should book early so we can secure guides and they'll have the best chance of getting the room they want on the dates they want.

So head on over to our new page The Gift Shop , second box after 'book a room' is 'The Gift Shop'

In the future this will expand, to include branded merch and products from local crafters and artists.



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