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Wheelchair access:

- All of our bedrooms are on the first floor, accessible only via stairs. Unfortunately we do not yet have any ground floor rooms due to the size and age of the property.

- There are 18 steps in the staircase, all with a handrail, with a rest area after the 12th step.

-The stairwell is always lit, including during quiet hours, there is also emergency backup lighting should the power cut out

 - All rooms have a walk-in shower and we provide non slip bath mats should you need them. Please note that no rooms have hand rails in the bathrooms

-We have bathroom seats available but please request in advance.

-Please inform us after your booking if you believe you require support during an emergency evacuation.

Service Animals:

- All service animals are permitted. We just ask that you provide us with the relevant documentation after you have booked. We will contact you after this point to find out what facilities you require to support you and your service animal during your stay.

- Please note that we have minimal facilities for 'bathroom breaks' for service animals, as most of our guest area is paved. We are happy to talk you through the options for your service animal, before finalising your booking, to ensure you are comfortable with the walk to the suitable areas.

Large print:

All our menus, guest information, invoice and email communications can be provided in large print. Please request this once you book.

Other Visual or Auditory aids:

- We can provide you with an audio recording of the content of the website upon request. 

- We have an alarm clock with a vibrating pad available on request

-We do not have braille versions of our menus and guest information however we are more than happy to verbally talk you through any material, please just ask.

- Upon arrival all guests receive a familiarisation walk of the guest lounge and rooms. Please let us know beforehand if you require a more detailed familiarisation and we will ensure that we spend as much time as you need walking you through the property.

- Unfortunately we do not know BSL, however please just let us know if you have a hearing impairment and we can ensure we serve you to the best of our ability e.g. adjusting our speaking style to facilitate lip-reading.

- If you feel you may not be able to hear any emergency alarms, please inform us after your booking if you believe you require support during an emergency evacuation.

Other medical requirements

- We are always happy to refrigerate medicines or source in specific food to support a medical diet. Please just give us some advance notice

-If you require storage of specialist medical equipment or require additional facilities in your room to facilitate the use of specialist medical equipment please just call us and we will be happy to support.

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