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Terms & Conditions





The majority of our bookings follow Standard Terms (see 1.1)


Standard Terms may NOT apply to the following:

  • STO/Corporate Rates

  • Non-Refundable Rates

  • Single Night Rates

  • Non-room purchases (eg Add-ons)

  • 'Run of House' Rates

Booking terms for these exceptional rates can be found in 1.2


If you are in any doubt as to which terms apply to your booking please contact us before you complete your booking and we will be happy to advise.






The pre-payment under our standard booking terms is 100% of your total stay and is payable within 48 hours of booking. If the pre-payment has not been received in that timeframe, the booking will be released (cancelled). Refunds of the pre-payment can be found in cancellation section 1.1.3. 



Updates to your booking (e.g. to change the check-in date) is permitted up to 4pm GMT on the 7th day before your check-in date.

You cannot amend a booking after this time.

Any amends are subject to availability and there may be an increase or decrease in nightly rate.




If you wish to cancel and have booked through an OTA (eg you need to cancel through your OTA account, they do not allow us to do this on your behalf

If you have booked direct with us just drop us a mail or call and we'll sort it out and release any prepayment owed to you as per the terms below (there are contact details bottom of this page) CANCELLATION PRIOR TO 7 DAYS BEFORE ARRIVAL


In the event of a cancellation before 7 days from your check-in date, we will issue a refund for any monies paid toward your booking, within 7 working days to the same card (We typically only take 24 hours, however set 7 days in case we are away from the property).

If you paid by bank transfer the money will be returned to the same account.


From this point, the refund will typically appear in your account within 7 days from issue. (Stripe quote 5-10 days, Global Payments 5-30).


At the point we issue a refund we have no way to influence the speed the global transaction processing systems and your bank take to accept and process the refund. CANCELLATION AFTER 7 DAYS BEFORE ARRIVAL


In the event of a cancellation after 4pm GMT on the 7th day before check-in date, the cancellation charge is for the full amount of your booking, therefore no monies will be refunded to you. NO-SHOW/NON-ARRIVAL

We define a No-Show/Non-Arrival as when a guest fails to arrive before check-in period closes, 7pm GMT on the first day of the booking. 

In the event of a no-show/non-arrival, the cancellation charge is for the full amount of your booking, therefore no monies will be refunded to you. ‘LAST MINUTE' BOOKING COOL-OFF


We define a ‘Last Minute’ booking as one made after 4pm GMT on the 7th day before check-in. For Last Minute bookings we require deposit payment within 24 hours of booking (as opposed to 48hours).


We define a Cool-Off as being a brief period after booking, where the cancellation policy does to apply, this is to allow for accidental bookings to be rectified.


A cool-off is applied on ‘last minute’ bookings (made within 7 days of arrival) but not on bookings made within 24 hours of the earliest check-in time.


If you are making a booking within our defined ‘last minute’ window, we will apply a cool-off period of 24 hours. You may use this time to move, amend or cancel your booking. From this point the cancellation policy applies.


If you are making a booking within 24 hours from arrival this cool-off period does not apply and the pre-payment amount will be required at point of booking and is not refundable.




In some circumstances we offer alternative rates which sit on alternative terms. The type of term will have been explicitly mentioned at point of booking and its associated detail can be found here.




We define a Non-Refundable booking as one where payment is required in full within 24 hours of booking and is not refundable.


We define a Cool-Off as being a brief period after booking, where the cancellation policy does to apply, this is to allow for accidental bookings to be rectified.


A cool-off is applied on Non-Refundable bookings for 24 hours after booking. During this window you may amend or cancel your booking.

After the cool-off period has ended, your payment is non-refundable.


If your booking is being made within 24hours of arrival, cool-off period does not apply and payment will be due immediately and is non-refundable.




Any additional add-on purchases e.g. for pre-booked tickets, private guides etc will be subject to non-refundable terms in 1.2.1 unless explicitly agreed via email.




In exceptional circumstances we will waive our 2 night minimum stay constraint. If you are booking for a single night, payment is required in full within 24 hours of booking and follows the non-refundable terms in 1.2.1 unless explicitly agreed via email.




An STO rate will typically be negotiated at a discounted rate with 0 deposit. However invoice for the full amount will be issued shortly after and can be paid by bank transfer. Payment terms is 14 Days from invoice issue, or prior to check-out of guest, which ever is sooner.  STO/CORPORATE RATE CANCELLATION


7 day cancellation terms apply. If the booking is cancelled after 4pm GMT on the 7th day before check-in, the full amount is payable.


If the booking is cancelled prior to 4pm GMT on the 7th day before check-in, no amount is payable. If payment before this time has already been made, and you cancel, it will be refunded to you. STO/CORPORATE RATE NO-SHOW/NON-ARRIVAL


We define a No-Show/Non-Arrival as when a guest fails to arrive before check-in period closes, 7pm GMT on the first day of the booking. 


In the event of a no-show/non-arrival for an STO/Corporate rate, the full cost of the booking is payable.


The 'Run of House' rates are a version of the STO rates for where all of the guest rooms are included in the booking (typically used by production crew).

Terms are:

- 2 night minimum

- All 4 bedrooms

- The guest lounge and dining can be used for whatever purposes you wish e.g. gear storage, meetings etc. 

- Any filming inside the property needs to be agreed beforehand and may be subject to additional charge.

- Use of large upper parking area for such things as equipment lorries, shuttle busses etc

- Any considerable use of electricity (e.g. charging vehicles) will be charged per unit at cost - based on our electricity rate at the time, and is added to the invoice on a daily basis.

- We can organise evening meals in the property, for an additional cost. Based on availability, we get a chef in to do three course meal for up to 10 people (min 6). Requires advance booking.

- Breakfast can be served for up to 8 people, and does not need to be the people who are staying at the property. An example use case would be, you arrange a mid morning team meeting with breakfast. 4 people are staying at The Vicarage and an additional 4 people from the crew join them.

Full Payment (100%) is due at time of booking

If booking as STO/Corporate: Invoice for the full amount will be issued shortly after booking. Payment terms is 14 Days from invoice issue, or 11AM GMT on the Departure Day of booking, which ever is sooner.

We define Departure Day to be the day the lead guest is due to check-out per your confirmed booking.  RUN OF HOUSE RATE CANCELLATION

Full refund for cancellations up to 30 days before check-in. If booked fewer than 30 days before check-in, full refund for cancellations made within 48 hours of booking and at least 14 days before check-in. After that, 50% refund up to 7 days before check-in. No refund after that.



Where an email address has been provided we will email you the invoice for the charges levvied to date, or any outstanding charges due.


We reserve the right to charge your provided payment method for any outstanding charges which align with the cancellation terms applicable to your booking term type (typically 'Standard')




Additional purchases during stay, are added to your invoice and will be payable on check-out.

Additional purchases of add-ons booked prior to your stay (e.g lunch options) are subject to to same cancellations terms as your booking term type (eg for standard, full charge if cancelled within 7 days)

Additional package purchases (e.g. bolt-on hiking packages) are on non-refundable terms, unless explicitly agreed via email.

We don't offer breakfasts for walk-in diners, however if you are hosting one of the Vicarage Takeover events, on a room only rate, or something similar please contact us to arrange and enquire about prices (typically circa £25 per head)


We accept most card types for payment. In some circumstances, we may charge a credit card fee for some international cards which have a transaction fee of >3%.  Just ask if you're unsure which card to use, we can look up the transaction fees for your chosen international card type

Due to an increase in fraudulent bookings, we do not accept cheques (checks), cash/money orders or cash for payment of accommodation. We will accept cash for the purposes of paying for incidentals during your stay.





The liability for guests for their account is not waived and guests agree to be held personally liable for any charges incurred during their stay. In the event of a booking for more than one room (a group booking) the lead or registered guest (the lead guest) providing credit/debit card details is personally liable for any person, group, company or association that fails to pay all or part of such charges.




We reserve the right to charge individual guests or lead guests for the cost of rectifying damage which has been caused by the deliberate, negligent or reckless acts of guests to our property or structure. Please remember this is our home as well as our small business, whilst we appreciate accidents do happen, we ask that you treat our property & belongings with respect.


If such damage is discovered during the stay it will be drawn to the guest’s attention but if discovered after guests have departed then we reserve the right to make a charge to the guest’s credit / debit card, or send an invoice for the costs for payment to the registered address. We will however make every effort to rectify any damage internally prior to contracting specialists to make the repairs, and therefore will make every effort to keep any costs that guests would incur to a minimum.


If you are a group booking the lead guest accepts liability on behalf of the whole group for loss or damage.

Should damage be substantial so as to prevent our ability to re-let a room, you will be notified and charged for those ongoing costs or loss of business.


Some example costs of damages to, or removal of, soft furnishings are listed below, and based on damages or loss that we are unable to rectify through reasonable measures (e.g. washing with specialist cleaning products). This list is exemplary, inclusive of VAT and is not exhaustive:

Bath Sheet - £20

Bath towel - £15

(Typically smaller towels are exempt, except when in high volume: hand towel £8, face towel £2)

Damage to any part of matching duvet set - £65

Bed sheet - £10

Mattress - £650

Duvet (if down) - £150

Duvet (if synthetic) - £85

Pillow - £20

Rug - £85

black water flask £25

silver coloured branded water flask £15




Smoking is not permitted anywhere within our home. This is a UK legal requirement.


If you do wish to smoke we ask that you do so away from the building, so as not to disturb guests who may have their bedroom windows open. 


When someone smokes in their room, it takes us more than 24 hours to remove the smell, which means we have to cancel the next arriving guests.  Also, as our fire alarms are sensitive, any vaping or smoking in rooms will set off our fire-alarm.


A charge of £150 will be added to your invoice to cover the cost of deep carpet cleaning and partially toward loss of business.




Pets are strictly not permitted at our property. I'm sorry we have to put this however after a few incidents locally: If we become aware that guests have brought pets into the property, as this invalidates the terms of our insurance, we will apply a fee of £150


Service Animals are an extension of the guest, we welcome service animals. We require service animal documentation (e.g a scanned image of your ADUK Identification Booklet) at least 7 days before your stay i.e outside of your cancellation terms.


We will then inform other guests booked during your stay, that there will be a service animal staying.  To be clear, the guest with the service animal and the rights of that service animal is deemed to be the priority in this situation. 

If another guest decides to cancel following our communication, they will be no longer be subject to our cancellation window and can cancel within 2 days of the notification free of charge.

Please note we do not accept Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) at this time.




For direct bookings we accommodate children over the age of 12 (we are happy to discuss taking younger children but this will require a conversation where we will discuss the safety of children around the property, please email or telephone using the contact details in the footer). We have no cots or put-up beds. 

For OTA bookings (e.g. bookings are for adults only.

. We have no cots or put up beds.

For OTA bookings (e.g. bookings are for adults only.




We do our best to accommodate all allergies. In order for us to do so, and bring in the necessary produce or facilities, please let us know at the time of booking. You can provide detailed information by contacting us on via


We will not be held responsible in the event you have not informed us of any specific dietary requirements or allergies.


If you have informed us on booking, and we believe we would be unable to accommodate your requirements (e.g for air borne severe nut allergies) we will inform you promptly to allow you time to cancel before the cancellation window. 




Upon request we are happy to provide you with allergen information in writing. This could be, for example, allergen information about items on our menu, or in any other consumable items on the premises.

In some circumstances, due to our kitchen not being a commercial kitchen and with limited space, if we feel that cross-contamination is unavoidable, (e.g due to us cooking on a single hob) we will inform you that an item ‘may contain’ traces of a certain allergen.


We may be able to avoid cross-contamination by asking you to eat at a different time to other guests. This alternative arrangement will be offered to you.




We do not allow pets at The Old Vicarage, however we are inclusive, as such we may have service animals on site.


It is important you inform us in writing of any animal allergies so we can inform you if we expect to have a service animal on the premises during your stay. You can let us know via


We cannot guarantee that all traces of animal hair will have been removed following the presence of a service animal and as such we cannot state that we are suitable for people with allergies to animals.




We operate a quiet time policy between 11PM and 7:30AM.


Outside of this time the guest lounge /dining room/ outside patio areas will be closed and noise in the property must be kept to a minimum so as not to disturb other guests.


We encourage people to have fun in our property and if you wish to listen to music in these hours this is permissible, however should be inclusive of other guests. Ie, the guest lounge must remain open for others to use.


Our guest spaces are free for all guests to use, so if you require quiet space to work, we advise you do this in your room.


We will warn you if your noise is disturbing other guests outside of these hours and if you do not reduce the disturbance, we will charge £50 for each room your party does not occupy (we have a total of 4 rooms), which will serve as compensation for the impacted guests.


Each day, we will clean your room and stock up your tea and coffee facilities.

If you would like your room cleaning please vacate before 11AM, If you wish to relax in your room beyond 11AM daily housekeeping will be on best endeavours.

Every 3rd day of your stay for stays of 4 nights or more, your used towels will be replaced.

Every 3rd day of your stay for stays of 5 nights or more, your bedlinen will be changed. 

Please let us know if you would prefer us not to change your linen during your stay.

Between guests stays we operate a thorough cleaning process. 

This involves frequent cleaning of high-touch areas, such as guest areas, door handles and handrails with disinfectants compliant with BSEN 1276.

We are using chemicals, that sanitise our rooms to standards for viricidal efficacy.

In the bedroom, we are paying special attention to heating controls, TV remotes, door handles and desks. All bathroom toiletries are wiped with disinfectant.

We launder all our linen at over 60 degrees, with disinfectant detergent so you can enjoy a safe and great night’s sleep. Between guests, we will launder all towels, even if unused.




Our room rates are inclusive of laundry fees for the schedule defined in 8

We ask that you also consider the environmental impact of more frequent changing of laundry before requesting.


Should you feel you still require a more frequent bed-linen laundry schedule, a cost of £25 will be added to your bill for every additional turn-over requested, above the schedule noted in 8.

Should you request a less frequent turn-over no refund is applicable, as the laundry service is pre-booked. However it will have a positive impact on your carbon impact of your stay. If you require this data for your companies carbon offset programme please just ask and we’ll help you fill out this information.

8.1.2 TOWELS

Should you feel you still require a more frequent towel laundry schedule, a cost of £8 will be added to your bill for every additional turn-over requested, above the schedule noted in 8.


Check-in times are between 4pm and 7pm on day of arrival

Check-out times are between 7AM and 11AM on day of departure. 

Should you wish to check-in earlier this must be agreed (you will receive a confirmation email from us) so we can ensure we are available. If you wish to arrive early, we are more than happy to store your bags until check-in time, however again, we would need you to indicate when you wish to arrive to drop off your bags so we can confirm if either of us will be in and available to receive you. 


We have a large driveway on the approach to the property which you can park on. We allow for one vehicle per room. We don't charge for this.

If you have additional vehicles we will happily discuss this, very often we can accommodate all vehicles. However please call ahead to check we have room.


Parking is strictly not permitted for non paying guests to The Old Vicarage. Unauthorised parking we will charge a fee of £85 per day.


Our rooms are only available for 2 adults max. No other additional guests are permitted. If you allow other non-paying guests into your room without express agreement from us, we will charge the cost of another room per person at that days rack rate. Please be fair and remember this is our home. This includes short term visits and for 'use of the facilities' e.g. showers.

Parking at The Old Vicarage is for paying guests only. Camping by non guests is not permitted either in tents or in overnight accommodation vehicles (campervans, trailers, caravans). This is a legal requirement of our property planning terms by the council and of our insurance policy. For any breach of these terms we will charge a fee of £85 per vehicle.



These booking terms have been written in English. We cannot be held responsible for any misinterpretation of the terms arising due to any translation tool applied to convert the text to another language.

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