FAQs & T&Cs

A veritable thought-jacuzzi of general questions, terms & conditions, house rules, and general musings. 
Key Times:
Check-in 4pm-7pm
Check-out 7:30am - 11am
Breakfast 7:30, 8:30 or 9:30am 

Cancellation & DEPOSITS policy

1. Standard Terms:  

All bookings follow standard terms, unless explicitly mentioned in confirmation mail.

Within 48 hours of reservation we will collect a deposit  ('Deposit Amount'). This deposit amount will vary* depending on the amount of rooms you have booked and length of stay:



Deposit Amount = First night room charge for each room booked 


Deposit Amount = Equivalent to the longest Minimum Stay Period** within your booking.


Deposit Amount = 50% of total stay

*Deposit amounts are calculated excluding any discounts applied. Discounts are only applied to your bill at point of checkout.

The booking is only secured on receipt of the deposit.

In the event we are unable to secure funds from the card provided, we will contact you to provide alternative details. If within 24hours we are unable to take the deposit amount successfully, we will release (cancel) the booking.


In the event of a cancellation before the 7 day window, we will issue a refund for your deposit within 7 working days to the same card (We typically only take 24 hours, however set 7 days in case we are away from the property). From this point, the refund will typically appear in your account within 7 days from issue. (Stripe quote 5-10 days, Global Payments 5-30). At the point we issue a refund we have no way to influence the speed the global transaction processing systems and your bank take to accept and process the refund.


In the event of a cancellation within 7 days before arrival, the deposit amount is non- refundable. (Calculated from 4pm, 7 days before first night of booking)


In the event of a no-show/non arrival***, any remaining balance of the total stay booked will be charged to the card used for the deposit.


All amendments must be completed 7 days before the day of your original check-in date. You cannot amend a booking after this time.


If you are making a booking within 7 days from arrival we will apply a cool-off period of 24 hours. From this point we will charge your card for the deposit amount. 

If you are making a booking within 24 hours from arrival this cool-off period does not apply and the deposit amount will be required at point of booking.


Where an email address has been provided we will email you the invoice for the charges levvied. If no email address was provided you can contact us to request an invoice.

2. Non-Refundable Terms:

Where a non-refundable rate has been specifically agreed, the booking is only secured on receipt of full payment. It will be made clear to you in your confirmation email that you are on the Non-Refundable terms.

In the event we are unable to secure funds from the card provided, we will contact you to provide alternative details. If within 24 hours we are unable to take the payment amount successfully, we will release (cancel) the booking.

As this is a non-refundable rate, you will not be eligible for any money back if you cancel or are a no-show.

**Minimum stay period: A 2 night minimum stay applies for most dates. A 3 night minimum stay applies to some events or bank holiday weekends.

***No-show/Non arrival: is when a guest does not check-in on the expected day of arrival by the end of the allotted check-in times (i.e. 7pm)

DO you have secure cycle storage

We can accommodate bicycles in our private utility room. This is locked and is not accessible by guests.

We also have an outside tap, bike cleaning gear, and some basic bike maintenance tools, should you need them.


As is the case with most places, all bikes are left at your own risk, and not covered by our insurance. Call us if you want to discuss this in more detail. 

What's the difference between a GUEST HOUSE & A HOTEL?

B&B’s and Guest houses are mainly family businesses, without staff and no full time receptionist to check you in.

We prefer to ask guests an approximate arrival time, so we can arrange our day to be here, to welcome you. 


We know how hard it is to predict travel times, traffic, events. It’s okay if you’re late for check-in, please just let us know using the contact details below if there’s been a change in plans. 

By contrast, hotels operate around the clock, employing full time staff.

B&B’s and Guest houses are usually smaller than hotels and offer a limited set of amenities, although some of them are prized by guests more than the hotel ones, like a homemade breakfast cooked to order.


We want to keep your breakfast experience as relaxed as possible. Therefore we don't offer breakfasts for walk-in diners, however if guests wish to invite a friend to join them we offer prices shown below. Please let us know before 5pm the night before so we can check if we can accommodate and ensure we have the necessary produce in.

- Breakfast per person dine-in: £25

Includes: tea/coffee, fruit, hot menu item, cereals

- Breakfast per person take-out: £15

Includes: cold drink, sandwich, yoghurt, fruit

- Additional breakfast items: Our breakfasts include a hot menu item (for example our full Vicarage breakfast) if you would like additional/multiple items off the menu, it's just an additional £4 per guest.

-Additional tea/coffee facilities: for £3 per head we'll put out hot water, selection of teas, coffee, milk etc in the guest lounge.

We can also offer packed lunches. Please book ahead as we don't keep lunch produce in stock as standard.

- Lunch per person take-out (guest): Please enquire about price

Includes, cold drink, sandwich (meat or Veg option), yogurt, snack 

I'd Like a single night Stay

To reduce environmental impact, we have a two night minimum stay policy. In some circumstances we may waive this policy, if we feel we have the ability to offset. An additional fee of £25 per night on the room rate will be applicable. Please ring to enquire.


In 2021 we created a 'run of house' rate for production crew. Prices start from £570 per night and a breakdown is available on request.


Terms are:

- 2 night minimum

- All 4 bedrooms

- The guest lounge and dining can be used for whatever purposes you wish e.g. gear storage, meetings etc. 

- Any filming inside the property needs to be agreed beforehand.

- Use of large upper parking area for such things as equipment lorries, shuttle busses etc

- Any considerable use of electricity (e.g. charging vehicles) will be charged per unit at cost - based on our electricity rate at the time, and is added to the bill on a daily basis.

- We can organise evening meals in the property, for an additional cost. Based on availability, we get a chef in to do three course meal for up to 10 people (min 6).  Typically this comes in at circa £30 per head. Requires advance booking.

- Breakfast can be served for up to 8 people, and does not need to be the people who are staying at the property. An example use case would be, you arrange a mid morning team meeting with breakfast. 4 people are staying at The Vicarage and an additional 4 people from the crew join them.

Do you allow children?

We are an adult only venue, unfortunately we are unable to accommodate children under the age of 14.

Sometimes we run special weekends available only direct, for family events. Please contact us for details.


What about pets?

Unfortunately we do not permit pets at the Vicarage.

Do you have any smoking rooms?

Smoking is not permitted anywhere within our home.


If you do wish to smoke we ask that you do so away from the building, so as not to disturb guests who may have their bedroom windows open. 

When someone smokes in their room, it takes us more than 24 hours to remove the smell, which means we have to cancel the next arriving guests. A charge of £130 will be added to the bill to cover the cost of deep carpet cleaning and partially toward loss of business.

Do you like motorbikes?

Short answer, YES! We are bike fans ourselves and bikers are always welcome at The Old Vicarage.

Please just be courteous to the other guests who may not like loud bike revving outside their bedroom window... there's plenty of time for that on our fantastic roads.

How do i pay?

You’ll be asked to pay any remaining balance when you check out. However if you want a quick and easy departure we can finalise your bill the night before.

We accept most methods of payment: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Applepay. Sorry, no cheques.


If you’re paying by cash, we will ask you for identification when you check in.

Note – with some third party sites, if you have booked a non-refundable room rate(s), payment in full is taken at the time of booking by your chosen booking company, please refer to their terms and conditions as they may differ from our own.

IS there free parking?


We have a large driveway on the approach to the property which you can park on. We don't charge for this.

I've got an electric car, do you have a charging port?

Whilst we don't have a formal charging port, guests have made use of our external extension lead to charge vehicles overnight, you'll need to bring the relevant adaptor for this.

We will calculate the electricity cost for a full charge of your specific vehicle and add that to your final bill (this is often between £10 and £50, but depends largely on price of electricity at the point of charge, and your vehicle type)

There are also car charging points on the Rugby Club car park in Machynlleth, ask us if you need directions.

Can we invite friends round?

Our home is only large enough to accommodate the guests from our four guest bedrooms. We need to prioritise all paying guests and ensure they can enjoy the guest shared spaces freely.

However if we are not fully booked, we can sometimes accommodate additional people in the lounge. Just ask, and we'll let you know whether or not we have capacity.



The liability for guests for their account is not waived and guests agree to be held personally liable for any charges incurred during their stay. In the event of a booking for more than one room (a group booking) the lead or registered guest (the lead guest) providing credit/debit card details is personally liable for any person, group, company or association that fails to pay all or part of such charges.

Damage to our property

We reserve the right to charge individual guests or lead guests for the cost of rectifying damage which has been caused by the deliberate, negligent or reckless acts of guests to our property or structure. Please remember this is our home as well as our small business, whilst we appreciate accidents do happen, we ask that you treat our property & belongings with respect.


If such damage is discovered during the stay it will be drawn to the guest’s attention but if discovered after guests have departed then we reserve the right to make a charge to the guest’s credit / debit card, or send an invoice for the costs for payment to the registered address. We will however make every effort to rectify any damage internally prior to contracting specialists to make the repairs, and therefore will make every effort to keep any costs that guests would incur to a minimum.


If you are a group booking the lead guest accepts liability on behalf of the whole group for loss or damage.

Should damage be substantial so as to prevent our ability to re-let a room, you will be notified and charged for those ongoing costs.


Some example costs of damages to, or removal of, soft furnishings are listed below, and based on damages or loss that we are unable to rectify through reasonable measures (e.g. washing with specialist cleaning products). This list is exemplary and is not exhaustive:

Bath Sheet - £20

Bath towel - £15

(Typically smaller towels are exempt, except when in high volume: hand towel £8, face towel £2)

Damage to any part of matching duvet set - £65

Bed sheet - £10

Mattress - £650

Duvet (if down) - £150

Duvet (if synthetic) - £85

Pillow - £20

Rug - £85

I'm planning to be out late, WHAT ARE YOUR HOUSE RULES?

If you are planning on hitting the clubs or you've found a rave somewhere, firstly, an invite for us to join you wouldn't go amiss....


We provide you with a front door key when you check-in, so you can come back anytime.

We do operate quiet time between 11pm and 6am, where the guest lounge is closed and we ask you keep music and general frivolities to a minimum, so other guests can get some Zzz. 

I'm alergic to certain bedding materials

We have a few options on pillow types, and hypoalergenic duvets. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, so we can make your bed up how you like, before your arrival.

What about dietary requirements?

We try our level best to accommodate all dietary requirements.

We may need a little time to arrange alternative food options from our local suppliers so please contact us in advance to discuss.

AGH! I've lost my room key, please don't be mad...

It happens! 

We just charge £10 to cover the cost of the replacement keys and fob. 

what are the important times i should be aware of

  • Check-in is between 4pm & 7pm

  • Check-out is before 11am

  • Breakfast is in three sittings between 7:30 & 9:30

  • Quiet-time is between 11pm and 6am

do you have a guest lounge & bar?

We have a guest lounge available until 11pm every day, which has a TV, log burner and comfortable sofas.


You are welcome to make use of our dining room to work, eat food you've brought in or play board games etc


We are fully licensed and operate an honesty bar, which is stocked with wines, soft drinks and Welsh beers. Charges for these drinks will be applied to your final bill.


Each day, we will clean your room and stock up your tea and coffee facilities, and tumble-dry any towels you have used.

Every other day your used towels will be replaced.

Every 3rd day of your stay your bedlinen will be changed. 

Please let us know if you would prefer us not to change your linen during your stay.

Between guests stays we operate a thorough cleaning process. 

This involves frequent cleaning of high-touch areas, such as guest areas, door handles and handrails with disinfectants compliant with BSEN 1276.

We are using chemicals, that sanitise our rooms to standards for viricidal efficacy.

In the bedroom, we are paying special attention to heating controls, TV remotes, door handles and desks. All bathroom toiletries are wiped with disinfectant.

We launder all our linen at over 60 degrees, with disinfectant detergent so you can enjoy a safe and great night’s sleep. Between guests, we will launder all towels, even if unused.

Fees for Additional Housekeeping

Our room rates are inclusive of laundry fees based on a three night turnover. (Laundry is fully changed with every new guest, and on your third night if you have a booking greater than three nights).

We ask that you also consider the environmental impact of more frequent changing of laundry before requesting.

Should you feel you still require a more frequent laundry schedule, a cost of £25 will be added to your bill for every additional turn-over requested, above the schedule noted above.

Should you request a less frequent turn-over no refund is applicable, as the laundry service is pre-booked. However it will have a positive impact on your carbon impact of your stay. If you require this data for your companies carbon offset programme please just ask and we’ll help you fill out this information.

Why do you state that your best rates are direct?

As a traveller, 3rd party booking sites are fantastic for convenience, you can see reviews of other customers, and build up rewards and points for your continued custom.

All 3rd party booking sites charge a commission for that convenience and opportunity for us to reach a wider audience. Part of our contract with these sites makes it difficult for us to offer discounts to our customers online that we do not offer to them first. It can also be a lot of work for us to apply time sensitive discounts across all platforms equally.

If you have seen a cheaper rate on another website, or you are unsure of how to apply the discounts offered on our booking page, please call us and we will be happy to help apply our cheapest rates.

We appreciate your support for our small business by choosing to book direct.

DO your 2022 DEALS have any different Conditions? 

Bookings using any of our 2022 Deals are subject to the same terms and conditions, however in certain instances of our "no-frills" rates we remove some of the additional 'added extras' e.g. home made cake on arrival, use of branded water bottles, extra breakfast specials menu, daily housekeeping. In some instances, room only board is offered. Typically these altered policies are made available just to business bookings, who are looking for a no-frills stay. It will be made clear to you in the checkout process if this is the case with your booking.