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The Mach Loop

The Old Vicarage B&B is situated directly under the flight path of The Mach Loop (LFA7), where you can observe the passing aircraft whilst you enjoy breakfast, from your bedroom window or out on our terrace. We have been welcoming enthusiasts to our B&B, with tailored packages, since 2015.


The Mach Loop is named after the town of Machynlleth and is a low level flight training path through a series of valleys in mid Wales. East of the loop is Dinas Mawddwy, West is Dolgellau, heading South is Corris, through the famous "Corris Corner" where we are located, South is Machynlleth.

The Old Vicarage B&B, Corris



Fair Weather

Planes will only fly in fair weather, Monday to Friday, (Friday tends to be a half day) and not on bank holidays. Late summer is considered 'peak', however we see a ramp up from early April, all the way through to October



If you're bringing an ABRS try the following frequencies

  • 278.000 – NATO Low level

  • 280.350 – West ICF

  • 292.525 – Lichfield Radar Corridor


RAF Schedule

Check-out RAF website for the latest training timetable. (Although this does not indicate if they WILL fly, just WHEN they are approved to fly)


Rise & Shine

If you're heading to CAD East or West. Arrive early in order to get a spot (pre- 9AM). It's a large lay-by and fills up quickly in peak season.

Speak to us about packing your breakfast to go for free and pre-booking packing lunches (adn. cost)


Never miss an aircraft

The flight path goes directly over The Old Vicarage, so you can still catch the planes even if you'd like a day away from The Hill


Get an App

We have a subscription to 360Radar which you are welcome to view on our guest lounge television. 

This is useful to gauge how 'active' the air bases are before you set off for the hill.

Whilst not ALL military planes are signalled, 360Radar has good coverage. 

Alternatively, you can sign up for the service before you arrive:

Sign Up

Directions to Cad East/West Parking area

What Will I SEE?

  • Hawk Jets

  • RAF F-35A Lightning II fighter jets

  • RAF Airbus

  • Hercules 

  • A400M

  • US Air Force F-15C Eagles

  • Strike Eagles

  • F-22 Raptors 

  • At the time of writing Typhoons are currently banned from the Mach Loop

  • And plenty more, we've even seen the red arrows train here...



Cad is short for Cadair Idris, the group of peaks set on the North side of the valley, the highest peak being Penygadair.


Aside from being sat on the terrace at The Old Vicarage, the next closest spot to view the aircraft is Cad East and West


On the West hill, the aircraft come from your left.


If you are lucky, they will sometimes take a left in to Corris Corner, potentially giving you the opportunity for a second pass. 

Going to the Cross Foxes after for dinner is always good as it's often full of people who have been up on the hill, a good opportunity to compare shots from the day



The Corris Craft Centre is located just around the corner from The Old Vicarage. 

This is a good option if you want to give your significant other, some fun activities to do whilst you still get to enjoy the aircraft.

They have a Mach Loop information area with details of the aircraft that fly over the Craft Centre and through the Mach Loop.
There’s free all day parking, many craft studios, a gin distillery, a café with outdoor seating (great viewing area) plus the King Arthur’s Labyrinth and Corris Mine Explorers underground attractions start here too.


Cad East, worth the lengthier walk due to the stunning views out toward Y Bala and Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon).


The aircraft approach on your right.


Bwlch, is a great location if you want a topside view of aircraft. Approach is from the right.

To get to the parking area head from the Vicarage to Cross Foxes, turn right onto the A470 and drive for 2 minutes, you'll see a pull in on your right

Latitude : 52:44:06N Longitude : 3:46:30W


Further afield, so one for those of you staying for a longer stay. Head out to Anglesey to see RAF Valley. 1 hr 40 drive.


RAF Valley, Holyhead, Anglesey, LL65 3NY.

Safely watch aircraft at RAF Valley from the viewing area near the railway bridge, opposite the Station main gate.

Try the White Eagle for dinner.


You don't have to stay with us to enjoy the Mach Loop, if we are booked up there are also other great B&Bs and Hotels directly under the flight path.

Take a look at a few here:

chesterbed from bath.jpg


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