The Mach Loop

The Mach Loop is a set of valleys, situated between Dolgellau in the north, and Machynlleth in the south (and from which the Mach Loop gets its name), which are regularly used for low level flight training, with flying as low as 250 feet (76 metres) from the nearest terrain.

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1) Planes will only fly in fair weather and mid week.

Check-out RAF website for up to date flight approvals

2) The flight path goes directly over The Old Vicarage, so you can still catch the planes even if you'd like a day away from The Hill

3) If you're bringing an ABRS try the following frequencies

  • 278.000 – NATO Low level

  • 280.350 – West ICF

  • 292.525 – Lichfield Radar Corridor

Directions to 'CAD' carpark

Arrive early in order to get car parking space (pre- 8AM) 

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