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5 STARS!!!

After a year of long days, sleepless nights, sweat and tears, the scores are in! We have been awarded 5 star guest house status from Visit Wales.

I need to thank a few people who have been integral in helping to get us here. There were several items in the report that were mentioned as contributing factors so I'll pull out a few:

- Exceptional Package Offerings: Thanks to Gwydion, Steve, Nat, Richard, Paul & Mark for helping us come up with some genuinely unique concepts and delivering on them time and time again. It was an absolute highlight over the year sitting down and designing truly exceptional ideas, not being constrained by what has been done before but instead the 'art of the possible'. You are all legends and you've all gone above and beyond to help.

- Exceptional breakfast offering: Thanks to Rob and team, Soph, the team at Selwyns , Blasau deli and BlasAF for making sure we always have the best ingredients on the table, which frankly makes our job a walk in the park

- Exceptional booking and pre-arrival process: Thanks to Mitchell and the team at RoomRaccoon, for getting us hooked up with a phenomenal product, the online check-in was a particular highlight and just added to the 5 star rating we also got for the quality of our website.

- Thanks to B who not only has helped us keep our home spotless but has been a huge support in so many other ways as well.

- Thanks to Steve, James & Les for the never ending work supporting our property maintenance.

- Thanks to Ian and the team at Pressing Matters for making sure our bedding is always spotless

- Thanks to all the teams at National library and Dol archives, for supporting our investigation into the history of the property which adds another layer to the experience when you arrive.

- Thanks to NRW for your supportive guidance on the regeneration of our forest.

A special thanks to Sue and Joolz. Who were fabulous guests here when our score was announced and got to celebrate with us.

Another thanks goes to Rob & Jackie, who spent years building up the guest house before we bought it, to give us a solid product to build on.

And of course a thanks to all our guests from the last 14 months who have been nothing short of an incredible bunch of cheerleaders. You have been our biggest motivator when we were tired or doubtful, your words and cards of support have kept us going and remind us of whats important.

The inspector called out that this really is just the beginning and this couldn't be a more accurate observation, we are at the beginning of a massive 3 year investment phase which will add more facilities, and take us along our mission to generate our own energy and make less of an environmental impact.

So watch this space. More to come....

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