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Nothing I hate more than food waste. I had some bananas that were going too brown to use for breakfast. So I mixed them up into a wet-ish stonecake mix. These are NOT Welshcakes FYI, but still delish :-)

I served these as a breakfast option. Eat warm, and serve with yoghurt and some in season fruit (we had super sweet Welsh strawberries and bilberries foraged from our forest).

225g SR Flour

tsp Cinnamon

pinch of nutmeg

50g butter

90 g sugar

1 egg

sploosh of milk

handful of dry fruit

2 smallish bananas (need to be soft)

1) Put the flour, sugar, butter, banana in a bowl. Mash it a bit until its combined (still want a few small bits of banana but the big chunks must be gone)

2) add the egg and milk, fold

3) throw in the dried fruit, fold again

4) grease & heat up a skillet or cast iron flat pan, not super hot (its a 2 on the double ring for us)

5) press out some interesting shapes

6) slowly cook, turn after they look to have cooked half way up, squish a little once you've flipped. (will take 7-10 mins depending on how thick you've made them)

Theres a video below:

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