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We're live!

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

At last....

I've been promising it for an age but it's finally finished, we have migrated to a brand new booking engine.

For those of you well familiar with the woeful online booking process we have been using for the last year, you'll recognise how awesome the look & feel is from our new partners at RoomRaccoon.

It means we get to offer the cheapest rates direct through our website which means booking direct is ALWAYS cheaper than through a 3rd party booking site (eg

A few bits of info for you.

If you are reading this blog post as one of our members , you will now be able to use your exclusive discount code to automatically get your members only discounts applied.

I've updated the instructions in the member site area, when you click the button to 'Member book online' the discount code will be added automatically. However you can still add it manually in the top right:

With this new platform we also get:

- to send some really beautiful booking confirmation emails,

- a really awesome early online check-in process, which speeds up the whole check-in when you arrive.

- options to upgrade your room or add other addons to your booking eg packed lunches

- the payment gateway is now fully PSD2 & PCI-DSS compliant through Stripe and integrated into the booking journey (instead of me manually sending emails in the background)

- 'Run of House rates' - you asked and we have delivered! We have now added an option to book all of the rooms at a discounted rate. So even if you just want use of two bedrooms, you'll know you have the privacy of no other guests.

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