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What is the Mach Loop?

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The Mach Loop is named after the town of Machynlleth and is a low level flight training path through a series of valleys in mid Wales. East of the loop is Dinas Mawddwy, West is Dolgellau, heading South is Corris, through the famous "Corris Corner" where we are located, South is Machynlleth.

The Old Vicarage B&B is situated directly under the flight path of The Mach Loop, where you can observe the passing aircraft whilst you enjoy breakfast, from your bedroom window or out on our terrace. We have been welcoming enthusiasts to our B&B, with tailored packages, since 2015.


  1. Planes will only fly in fair weather, Monday to Friday, and not on bank holidays. Late summer is considered 'peak', however we see a ramp up from early April, all the way through to October

  2. The flight path goes directly over The Old Vicarage, so you can still catch the planes even if you'd like a day away from The Hill

  3. If you're bringing an ABRS try the following frequencies 292.525 – Lichfield Radar Corridor, 278.000 – NATO Low level, 280.350 – West ICF

  4. If you're heading to CAD East or West. Arrive early in order to get a spot (pre- 9AM). It's a large lay-by and fills up quickly in peak season. Speak to us about packing your breakfast to go for free and pre-booking packing lunches (adn. cost)

  5. Make use 360Radar to observe traffic (scroll down for more info)

What can I see?

  • Hawk Jets

  • RAF F-35A Lightning II fighter jets

  • Typhoons

  • RAF Airbus

  • Hercules (RAF Herc now retired - as of june 2023)

  • A400M

  • US Air Force F-15C Eagles

  • Strike Eagles

  • F-22 Raptors

And plenty more, we've even seen the red arrows train here...

360 Radar

We have a subscription to 360Radar which you are welcome to view on our guest lounge television.

This is useful to gauge how 'active' the air bases are before you set off for the hill.

Whilst not ALL military planes are signalled, 360Radar has good coverage.

Alternatively, you can sign up for the service before you arrive:

Sign Up

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May 03, 2022

Really looking forward to our stay with you! ✈️

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