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Best Tiktok viral locations Southern Snowdonia 2023

Surrounded by dramatic scenery and imposing mountains, with more waterfalls, lakes beaches, forests and old buildings than you can shake a stick at. South Snowdonia is the new set location for some of the most viral Instagram and Tiktok content in 2023.

We get asked frequently by our guests about where to go to shoot some great footage, to share mid Wales on social media.

instagramable lake view wales
Fancy that view down to Tal-y-llyn village across the lake?

We've been trawling Tiktok and collating the most viewed reels from Instagram to bring a list of our top 10 viral locations in Southern Snowdonia.

What's the area famous for?

waterfalls views tiktok trends
What about all the waterfalls we have in Mid Wales?

What we love about Southern Snowdonia and mid Wales is the fantastic array of open nature reserves to capture dramatic sunsets and wildlife in 4k. You may have heard of Snowdonia but what about the Dyfi UNESCO Biosphere? Well keep reading we've got some great content suggestions for you.

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Some hashtags for you if you are in the area

Mach Loop
How about some low flying jets at eye level?

Let's start!

Top 10 Social Media Content locations in Southern Snowdonia

There's a lot to get through, but we also have collated a set of itineraries on our website here, in case you'd like other ideas whilst you are staying :

Here are our top location ideas:


Aberdyfi fishing village

Stylistic shot back up Aberdyfi beach on a quiet day.

Aberdyfi is a small seaside village on the north side of the Dyfi estuary in southern Snowdonia. It is where the river Dyfi meets the green-blue waters of Cardigan Bay. Aberdyfi is one of those simple, seductive little resorts that hits the right spot.

Top content ideas in Aberdyfi:

  • The golden beach

  • Footage catching crabs or fishing from the quayside,

  • yachts in the bay

  • the views across the estuary toward Ynyslas are to die for.

Colourful houses in Aberdyfi
  • Quaint old streets with colourful houses rise up to spectacular viewpoints

  • the heart of the village you can enjoy browsing in specialist boutiques and art galleries

  • or dine in exceptional inns and restaurants.

  • The village boasts a number of excellent beaches and a championship golf club.

  • a haven for water sports enthusiasts.

You don't need to travel too far from Aberdyfi to find a different world - that of spectacular mountain and valley scenery. The peaks of the Cadair Idris and Aran Fawddwy ranges are within easy reach and are complimented by the charm of the Dovey and Dysynni valleys nearby. An ideal area for walkers, climbers and wildlife watchers.

Find out more from VisitMidWales

Stay at The Old Vicarage, Guest House just 20 minutes away from Aberdyfi and 7 minutes from Cader Idris.


The Breathtaking Precipice Walk

A view for miles

The Precipice has a fantastic array of qualities. From habitats

such as woodlands and meadows to captivating views of Snowdonia’s mountain ranges. Plenty of opportunity for great wide angle 4k video taking in spectacularly looooong views down to the estuary.

The path will take you through part of the Nannau estate which dates back to the 12th century and is steeped in fascinating Welsh history.

The route ends on the shores of Llyn Cynwch—a working reservoir that provides nearby Dolgellau with water.

Find out more from Snowdonia National Park

Stay at The Old Vicarage, Guest House just 20 minutes away from the Nannau estate and 7 minutes from Cader Idris.


Hidden Gem Castell y Bere

Castell y Bere

It's about in the middle of no where as you can get. Infrequently visited by the tourist crowds this is an absolute hidden gem. Strung along a jagged rocky outcrop in the Dysynni Valley at the foot of Cader Idris, Castell y Bere is especially good at evoking the spirit and atmosphere of Wales’s native castles. Built by Welsh ruler Llywelyn ap Iorwerth (Llywelyn the Great) to protect Gwynedd’s southern frontier, construction began in 1221 with the castle remaining in use until 1294.

Find out more from Cadw

Stay at The Old Vicarage, Guest House just 20 minutes away from Castell y Bere and 7 minutes from Cader Idris.


Corris Steam Train

The gentle puff of steam as the train rolls down the valley. Promising excellent footage is the glorious Corris Railway down the Dulas Valley.

The steam naturally hangs in the air on still days, and when the sunlight comes down the valley you can get some great shots as the sunlight hits through the steam and lights up the trees.

Corris narrowguage railway

Find out more from Corris Railway Society

Stay at The Old Vicarage, Guest House just over the road from Corris steam railway.


Go pro footage from Dyfi Bike Park

Not for amateurs. You'll need a full face helment and most importantly...experience!

Find out more from Dyfi Bike Park

Stay at The Old Vicarage, Guest House just 5 minutes from Dyfi Bike Park


Go underground - Mine Explorers

Opportunity to get amazing footage underground. Some of the slate caves have opened from the top allowing fantastic light to dance around the walls. Corris mine explorers have general guided tours for tourists but if you want a private tour to get your own amazing footage just contact them directly for a curated price.

Corris Mine Explorers

Find out more from Corris Mine Explorers

Stay at The Old Vicarage, Guest House just 2 minutes from the Corris Mines


Drive approach to Llyn Myngul

Head down the A487 toward Machynlleth and as you come over the ridge by Cader Idris mountain this spectacular view opens infront of you.

View toward Tal-y-llyn on a sunny day. Although cloudy days are dramatic and often make for better photography

Find out more from VMW

Stay at The Old Vicarage, Guest House just 7 minutes from the lake


Llyn Cau, Cader Idris

Cader Idris
A view from the top

No visit to Mid Wales or Southern Snowdonia is complete without a hike up Cader Idris. Even if you don't want to go to the top, the lakes are incredible. Opportunities for wild water swimming if you're proficient and follow wild water swimming guides. Be warned it is very cold due to its depth.

Find out more from VMW

Stay at The Old Vicarage, Guest House just 7 minutes from the Dol Idris carpark for the beginning of the Cader Idris Hike


Dolgach Falls

Beautiful series of waterfalls and woodland area in a seculded valley. Great for dappled shade shots onto the water and plenty of areas to get into the water for a paddle, safely.

Picnic spots and easy walking route.

Find out more

Stay at The Old Vicarage, Guest House just 20 minutes from Dolgach Falls


The Mach Loop

fancy some fast photography?

The Mach Loop is named after the town of Machynlleth and is alow level flight training path through a series of valleys in mid Wales. East of the loop is Dinas Mawddwy, West is Dolgellau, heading South is Corris, through the famous "Corris Corner" where we are located, South is Machynlleth.

The Old Vicarage B&B is situated directly under the flight path of The Mach Loop (LFA7), where you can observe the passing aircraft whilst you enjoy breakfast, from your bedroom windowor out on our terrace. We have been welcoming enthusiasts to our B&B, with tailored packages, since 2015. See our instagram video here

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